JDA Consults Services

Law Division

This aspect of JDA Consults is into legal services such as; Legal Advice, Counseling, Settling of disputes, sworn affidavits, property management, agreement signatory, Land sales and leases, company registration and incorporation, taxation and auditing of your services.
NOTE: Any business transacted in an unregistered company is illegal business; therefore ensure that your business is safe and legal by doing business with us.

Immigration Services

At JDA Consults, we offer expert advice on every class of UK Immigration service and provide a comprehensive package of services to suit your needs. We have offices in the UK, and Nigeria. Our network of offices allows us to assist private clients and companies around the world package their paper works that will be used in helping them to secure their UK Visas and Work Permits. Our clients include many of the world’s leading companies, celebrities and thousands of private clients.

Employment Division

We have noticed that no matter how vast the resources of an organization may be without efficient and effective employees, it can not sincerely be successful in its operation, thus the human resources base is one of the most important assets of an organization.

However, the success of an enterprise is hinged on the caliber of its workforce, which is why at JDA Consults, we match the right with the right jobs just for you to give reports and pay them through us for easy administration. This is because you are to give us a detailed report of the staff’s job performance in your firm every month.

We seek to actualize your company’s objectives by providing the following services:

  • Recruitment services.
  • Computer training and Maintenance.
  • Cleaning Services.
  • Security Services.

Marketing Division

This division of JDA Consults is also into advertising, marketing and distribution of products. We help our clients (i.e. producers) in projecting and creating awareness of their unique products to the vast public through promotion of the products. This is done by a group of experts, which are comprised of marketers, business administration personnel.

However, this helps in bringing in suitable and qualified hands to help in promoting your business. All you need to do is to supply or give us information about your products.

Website/Blog Setup and U.S Mastercard Services

Is your business, hobby or idea online? If not, then this is an opportunity for you to own your professional and unique website/blog at an affordable price. Let us setup your google-adsense monetized website/blog to project your business, hobby or ideas for world-wide patronage, while offering you the opportunity to earn unlimited streams of income partnering with google, amazon, clickbank etc. like we do. We also procure U.S mastercard for clients who need it to purchase goods and receive money online and withdraw through ATMs using the mastercard logo.


These are the names of individuals and companies we have rendered our services to:

Recruitment/ Employment Services

  • Cowbell Nigeria Plc
  • P.Z Lever Brothers
  • K.B Delight

Legal Services

Most Business organizations and Landlords we cannot mention due to lack of space.

Marketing Services

  • End-time publishers
  • Akintola Jeorajus